Listed below is the gear we use to make our projects. Like almost everything in film, its a evolving process that takes into account the specifics of the job and the creative needs of the project.


Canon c200b

Our main camera. 4k Raw Lite at up to 60 Fps. It also shoots Mp4s of a variety of sizes and frame rates, but once you've graded the Raws, its very hard to shoot anything else.

Here are some videos we've made about the camera:

First Impressions
Shooting modes compared
Fully Rigged

Link: B&H


Blackmagic Video Assist

We use both the 5" and 7" versions on set almost every day. They are a huge improvement from built-in screen to monitor and pull focus from. The 7" also records in 4k and features a host of great features including false color, scopes and timecode in.

7 inch: Amazon / B&H

5 inch: AmazonB&H

The 7" goes through batteries pretty quickly. We've found it a lot easier to power it off the v-mount battery through d-tap with this cable.